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Writing Services

We all have a story to tell, and I’d love to help you tell yours. I’ve written about everything from business to weddings to parenting to horror films. No matter your genre, I will craft a compelling piece of writing that achieves your individual desired results.

Writing services provided:

Article Writing

Content Writing

Press Releases




Resume Writing

Fiction Writing

Creative Writing

Business Writing

Real Estate Writing

Website Writing

Digital or Print Marketing Writing


Proofreading Services

Spelling and grammatical errors can scream “unprofessional”, even with great writing. I’ll carefully examine your work, ensuring error-free content.

Editing Services

A great piece of writing can get lost if it’s not structured properly. I’ll not only edit your work for spelling and grammar, I’ll also edit for clarity, flow, readability, and quality.

Proofreading & Editing services provided:

Line Editing

Copy Editing

Book Proofreading & Editing (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Resume Editing

Correspondence Editing

Newsletter Proofing & Editing

Website Content Proofing & Editing

Digital or Print Marketing Proofing & Editing

Interested in collaborating? Reach out to me. I’m open to all types of projects!

Contact for pricing: Be sure to include all relevant details.