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PIECES OF YOU – New Thriller

From debut novelist Jessica Gomez comes PIECES OF YOU, a thriller that is equal parts creepy and sentimental, for fans of Lisa Jewell. This chilling story of a grieving adult orphan’s investigation into abduction and murder is MARE OF EASTTOWN meets PSYCHO, with a haunting exploration of the relationships we have with our mothers, even after they’re gone.

Nora Aberdeen has been a mess since her mother died. Once a promising young journalism student, she’s dropped out of school and stopped taking care of herself. On a whim, she ventures out of her comfort zone to the deteriorating small town of Woodbridge, Pennsylvania, to meet a blind date, where she is embarrassingly stood up. On her desolate trek back home, a visibly distressed—and bloody—young woman darts in front of her car, causing Nora to veer off the road. When Nora regains consciousness, the woman is gone.

Nora’s estranged uncle, a Sheriff’s Deputy, comes calling with information about a growing list of young women turning up dead in Woodbridge, including the woman who caused Nora’s accident—whose death has been, to Nora’s shock, declared a suicide. His colleagues have written the women off as overdoses, but suspicious circumstances and the department’s ineptitude point to something more nefarious. Nora finds renewed purpose as she dusts off old journalism skills to uncover the secrets of the missing women. When she discovers her connection to them, a strange motive unfurls.

Release date: October 1st, 2024

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